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Duke Arts Presents

11th Organ I

Tuesday, December 5, 2023 | 4:00 pm

Rubenstein Arts Center | von der Heyden Studio Theater

A Symposium

“Without prophecy and without vision, politics is nothing. This has to begin in a rebellion that is at once intellectual and spiritual.” Roberto Unger

In this uninterrupted, six-hour experimental and performative symposium from choreographer Michael Kliën, audiences come-and-go as 15 invited guests speak together, drawing from disparate fields of knowledge and free associations to create a matrix of collective thought. Visions toward an equitable survival of the species will emerge in the black box von der Heyden Studio Theater. Connotating the qualities of an oracle, and drawing from contrasting areas of study, free associations, and dreams, 15 panelists will collide and enmesh their ideas into one collective. Together, they will unearth strategies, sensibilities, and visions that are equally potent, poetic, and personal. The audience, free to arrive or leave at any time, is invited to listen and observe this unfolding choreographic thought process and contribute as the situation emerges.

This work draws from established communicational practices such as Raw Thinking Matrix (Valk), Social Dreaming (Lawrence), Personal Cosmologies, and Parliament (Kliën). It is part of a new project: “11th Organ: Equipping the Imagination for the Project of Social Reconstruction”

11th Organ is an open matrix of intellectuals, artists, and concerned citizens dedicated to fundamentally reimagining our wounded world. The 11th Organ engages a poetics of relations, an intimate weaving of diverse minds to churn the psychic soil. Fearlessly embracing the unknown, the 11th Organ expands the social imagination to envision and reveal new ways of being.


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Production Credits:

Choreographer: Michael Kliën
Concept: Michael Kliën and Alexander Strecker
Research Group: TBA
Participants: 15 invited guests, joined by an audience from Duke and its immediate community

The 11th Organ was commissioned by Duke Arts at Duke University and co-sponsored by the American Dance Festival, the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University, and the Duke Dance Program.

CONSTITUTION (Excerpt 4/2023)