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Duke Arts Presents

Music in the Gardens: Loamlands

Wednesday, June 28, 2017 | 7:00 pm

Sarah P. Duke Gardens

Loamlands’ leader Kym Register runs The Pinhook, the spiritual center of Durham’s music scene. A Durham native, Register’s songs with Loamlands reflect a life spent loving the city but wanting more for it, proffered in a voice as gritty as the place she’s long known. Images of natural beauty and summer swimming holes counter reflections on being queer and embattled in the South, as snarling electric guitars and an insistent country-rock rhythm section animate the tension. Onstage, these tunes become livewires, charged with the beauty and burdens of the place Loamlands calls home. These songs, as Vice has noted, “are poignant no matter where you live.”

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Duke Performances’ 2017 Music in the Gardens is made possible, in part, with support from Duke Continuing Studies, Duke Summer Session, and the Sarah P. Duke Gardens.

Loamlands 'Little River'

Loamlands 'What Kind of Love'

"Loamlands' Sweet High Rise soothes even as it stands firm. The verdant mix of keys and guitars sounds distinctly Southern, while keeping its distance from twangy tropes. Even at moments when Kym Register's voice sounds weary, it never wavers."

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