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$25 Tickets

With the announcement of the 2018/19 season, Duke Performances made an unprecedented move by introducing a new $25 ticket price for the vast majority of shows. The idea behind the pricing is to make art more accessible and affordable; to offer greater flexibility to people who want to sample the work of unfamiliar artists; and to support a strong sense of community around the shared experience of art at a time when Durham is undergoing rapid change. It our hope that this initiative will induce patrons to attend not only more live performance, but to stretch their comfort zone.

There will be a select quantity of shows where tickets will be priced above $25; these shows feature above-the-marquee artists who we have good confidence will fill the venues at which they’re offered. Even with these more costly presentations, we believe that the pricing will still be affordable and that the performances will be extraordinary.

Frequently Asked Questions: $25 Tickets at Duke Performances

In an effort to make Duke Performances offerings accessible and affordable, the vast majority of our offerings are now available for a ticket price of $25 or less.

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