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Black Atlantic


The music of the Black Atlantic is our global soundtrack. Over many centuries, enslaved people in the Americas gathered together when they could — on the edges of plantations, in town squares on market days, in the streets during religious festivals. The songs and sounds they created accompanied the dead as their spirits traveled home to Africa. At times this music accompanied revolt. Songs spoke of freedom and a different future. In slavery and in the struggles for equality that followed, music provided solace and created solidarity. From these roots flourished some of today’s most popular music, from salsa to hip-hop, blues to reggae.

—Laurent Dubois

This virtual installment of Duke Performances’ annual Black Atlantic festival showcases the rich music of the African diaspora over three weeks in a series of double-bill performances — pairings that highlight cultural and musical connections between nations as diverse as Guinea, Columbia, Cuba, Mali, Morocco, Madagascar, Ghana, Haiti, Canada, and the United States.

The ‘Black Atlantic’ package — which is available at a discount of 25% off for $22.50 — provides access to all three ‘Black Atlantic’ double feature presentations, including performances by Okaidja Afroso & Lakou Mizik, Natu Camara & Edmar Castañeda, and Jane Bunnett and Maqueque & 3MA.



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